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Next Generation Solution

Increasing digitalization day by day brings great risks while providing convenience in all aspects of our lives. Especially with the transition of institutions from a “business-oriented technology” approach to a “technology-oriented business” approach, the limit on technology needs is expanding and service understandings are changing.

Technology continues to be at the center of all services in order to obtain data securely from a digital environment for organizations, process securely, store and quickly transmit it to the relevant departments and not stop this flow.

This increased integration between organizations and systems means that sensitive and critical networks can no longer completely remain closed, however, the data exchange of these sensitive networks needs a solution that does not compromise security.

Family of Secure Cross-Network Gateway Solutions that contain Next-Generation data diode, DataFlowX, DataBrokerX, DFXClient solutions secure physically your sensitive and critical information in hardware layer in between networks. While physically isolating it, we ensure that you can safely exchange data without compromising this physical security level.

Beyond being a basic data diode, DataFlowX Solutions Family helps you to maintain your entire process automatically and without interruption, eliminating the need for manual operations and human intervention for your data transfers by allowing you to dominate the flow of data between networks with security policies.

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